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National Merit & Achievement Scholars


Table 4.10 National Merit and Achievement Scholars, Fall 2014*
All InstitutionsPublic Institutions
National Merit Scholars, Fall 2014
RankInstitution# of ScholarsRankInstitutionFreshmen Enrollment# of Scholars% of Class
1University of Oklahoma*3131University of Oklahoma4,1763137.50%
2University of Chicago2992Texas A&M University10,8351621.50%
3Harvard College2403University of Minnesota-Twin Cities5,5301402.53%
4University of Southern California2354University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa6,8241351.98%
5Northwestern University2165Arizona State University7,6471161.52%
6Stanford University1886University of California, Berkeley5,4661122.05%
7Texas A&M University*1627University of Kentucky5,1851082.08%
8Princeton University1518University of Texas at Dallas2,5201044.13%
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology1429Georgia Institute of Technology2,809491.74%
10University of Minnesota - Twin Cities*14010Michigan State University8,055440.55%
11University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa*135
12University of Pennsylvania124
13Arizona State University*116
14Northeastern University112
14University of California, Berkeley*112
16Duke University109
17University of Kentucky*108
18University of Texas at Dallas*104
19Brown University88
20Georgia Institute of Technology*49
National Achievement Scholars, Fall 2014
RankInstitution# of ScholarsRankInstitutionFreshmen Enrollment# of Scholars% of Class
1Harvard College691University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3,976150.38%
2Stanford University612Georgia Institute of Technology2,80980.28%
3Yale University572University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa6,82480.12%
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology432University of Florida6,53780.12%
5Columbia College of Columbia University343University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign6,93770.10%
6Princeton University283University of South Carolina - Columbia4,98070.14%
7Vanderbilt University234Purdue University6,37260.09%
8University of Pennsylvania194University of Texas at Austin7,28560.08%
9Duke University185Mississippi State University2,97450.17%
10Cornell university176
College of William and Mary1,51140.26%
11University of Chicago16
12Brown University15
12University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill*15
14Johns Hopkins University13
14Rice University13
16Georgia Institute of Technology8
16University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa*8
16University of Florida*8
19University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*7
19University of South Carolina - Columbia*7

* The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) publishes data for National Merit/Achievement Scholarship winners who enrolled in the prior Fall term.