Georgia Tech


GT Total Expenditures – Table 7.2; Fig. 7.4


Program CategoryFY 2013FY 2014FY 2015% Change
FY 14-15
Academic Programs
Public Service50.449.751.94.4%
Academic Support51.351.750.9-1.5%b.
Scholarships and Fellowships13.413.514.14.4%
Sub-Total - Academic Programs$966.5$1,018.6$1,060.24.1%
Support Programs
Student Services$31.8$32.7$32.70.1%
Institutional Support64.371.288.324.0%c.
Plant Operations146.8132.6147.511.2%d.
Auxiliary Enterprises71.677.082.16.6%
Sub-Total - Support Programs$314.4$313.5$350.611.8%
Non-Operating Expenditures$54.3$25.5$25.70.6%e.
Total Institute Expenditures$1,335.2$1,357.6$1,436.65.8%
a. Increase in Salary and Benefit epxense of approximately $10 million; increase in Supplies and Other services expense of approximately $27 million.
b. Increase in expenses  Supplies and Other Services  of approximatley $ 1 million, increase in utilitie cost approx. $100K and increase in Salary and Benefit expense of appox. $100K.
c. Increase in expenses for  Salary and Benefit expense of approximatley $6.5 million and Supplies and Other Services  of approximatley $4.6 million and increase in deprectiation expense of appoximately $5.8million.
d. Increase in expenses for Utilities of approximately $3.6 million and Salary and Benefits of approximately $1.3 million; increase in expense for for supplies and other services of approximately $11.7 million related to capital projects.
e. Non-operating expenditures are  interest expense on Capital Leases and FY13 GAAP entry to record expense associated with the in-kind gifts.  The increase in FY13 due to receipt of in-kind gifts is $30 million.  An expense equal to the gift is required to be booked for GAAP purposes. The decrease in FY14 is due to the receipt of the in-kind gift of $30 million being reflected in operating expense under Research.

Affiliated Organizations:

Affiliated Organizations201320142015% Change
FY 14-15
Total Affiliated Organization Expenses$874.7$823.0$877.97%
Georgia Tech Foundation$130.8$101.7$111.39%d.
Georgia Tech Athletic Association70.272.375.54%
Georgia Tech Research Corporation629.6611.1650.46%c.
Georgia Advanced Technology Venture, Inc.23.719.319.1-1%
Georgia Tech Facilities, Inc.14.412.014.621%e.
Georgia Tech Alumni Association6.16.67.06%f.

d. Program expenses increased due to GT’s use of GTF funds increasing in FY15 and also an increase in resources available (increased gifts).
c. GTRC revenues for Grants and Contracts were up by approximately $40M.  Related Expense for Grants and Contracts are equally offset.  
e. The increase in expenses from FY14’s $12M to FY15’s $14.6M is directly related to the refinancing the MFH and MSE bonds in FY14.  
f. Alumni gifts increased in FY15.  Related Expenses are equally offset.

The above information is taken directly from each affiliate’s audited annual financial statements. Revenues and expenses may not necessarily reflect an affiliate’s operating budget due to required reporting adjustments.

Source: Office of Budget Planning and Administration

Figure 7.4  Total Expenditures
FY 2013-2015