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GT Total Revenues – Table 7.1; Fig. 7.3


Table 7.1   Total Revenues (In Millions of Dollars), Fiscal Years 2013-2015
Major Revenue CategoryFY 2013FY 2014FY 2015% Change
FY 14-15
Total Institute Resources$1,446.8$1,422.1$1,563.399.9%
State Appropriations$206.9$222.1$227.222.3%
Student Tuitions and Fees271.4287.2318.5710.9%
Gifts, Grants & Contracts811.8746.6850.7613.9% (a.)
Sales, Services & Other156.7166.2166.840.4%

a. Decrease in Grants and Contracts

Data Source: Audited Annual Financial Statements

Affiliate OrganizationsFY 2013FY 2014FY 2015% Change
FY 14 - FY 15
Total Affiliated Organization Revenue$931.3$1,044.3$943.0-10%
Georgia Tech Foundation$198.4$309.0$174.6-44%a.
Georgia Tech Athletic Association65.780.974.4-8%b.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation630.3613.8653.36%c.
Georgia Advanced Technology Venture, Inc.19.718.518.3-1%
Georgia Tech Facilities, Inc.11.315.515.4-1%
Georgia Tech Alumni Association5.96.66.96%f.

The above  information is taken directly from each affiliate’s audited annual financial statements. Revenues and expenses may not necessarily reflect an affiliate’s operating budget due to required reporting adjustments.
a. GTF’s decrease in revenues were attributed to:  
1.  Total gift income increased  $34 million due to the success of the Capital Campaign.
2.  Investment income was down $159M in FY15 due to a decline in investment returns.
b. GTAA’s increase in revenues from 65.7 to 80.9 were mainly attributed to the following:
1. Additional ticket sales attributed to having UGA and FSU on the home football schedule.
2. Decreased investment returns of $12 million due to decline in investment return rates
3. GTAA Gifts decreased due to the ending of a pledge campaign for facility upgrades.
c. GTRC revenues for Grants and Contracts were up by approximately $40M.  Related Expense for Grants and Contracts are equally offset.
f.  Alumni gifts increased in FY15. Related Expenses are equally offset.  

Figure 7.3 
Total Revenues 
FY 2013-2015

Source: Office of Budget Planning and Administration