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University System of Georgia


The University System of Georgia, a part of the community in each of Georgia’s 159 counties, provides services across the state. The University System is composed of 29 higher education institutions including 4 research universities, 4 comprehensive universities, 10 state universities and 11 state colleges. The Georgia Public Library Service, encompassing approximately 389 branches in 61 public library systems throughout Georgia, is also part of the University System. Additionally, the University System includes the Georgia Archives which identifies, collects, manages, preserves, publicizes, and provides access to records and information of Georgia and its people.

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Georgia Highlands College
Albany State University Georgia Institute of Technology
Armstrong State University Georgia Southern University
Atlanta Metropolitan State College Georgia Southwestern State University
Bainbridge State College Gordon State College
Clayton State University Kennesaw State University
College of Coastal GeorgiaMiddle Georgia State University
Columbus State University Savannah State University
Dalton State College South Georgia State College
Darton State College University of Georgia
East Georgia State College University of North Georgia
Fort Valley State University University of West Georgia
Georgia College & State University Valdosta State University
Georgia Gwinett College

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia was created in 1931 as a part of a reorganization of Georgia’s state government. With this act, public higher education in Georgia was unified for the first time under a single governing and management authority. The governor appoints members of the Board to a seven year term and regents may be reappointed to subsequent terms by a sitting governor. Regents donate their time and expertise to serve the state through their governance of the University System of Georgia – the position is a voluntary one without financial remuneration. Today the Board of Regents is composed of 19 members, five of whom are appointed from the state-at-large, and one from each of the state’s 14 congressional districts. The Board elects a chancellor who serves as its chief executive officer and the chief administrative officer of the University System. The Board oversees the colleges and universities that comprise the University System of Georgia and has oversight of the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Public Library Service.

Table 2.1 Members and Terms of Appointment of the Board of Regents

James M. Hull(2016-2023) State at Large 
Larry Walker(2016-2023) State at Large 
W. Paul Bowers(2014-2020) State at Large 
Thomas Rogers Wade(2013-2020)State at Large
Donald M. Leebern, Jr.(2012-2019) State at Large 
Don L. Waters(2013-2018) First 
Doreen Stiles Poitevint (2011-2018) Second 
C. Thomas Hopkins, Jr., MD(2010-2017) Third 
C. Dean Alford, P.E.(2012-2019) Fourth 
Larry R. Ellis (2013-2017) Fifth 
Kessel Stelling, Jr., Vice Chair(2015-2022) Sixth 
Richard L. Tucker (2012-2019) Seventh 
Rutledge A. Griffin, Jr.(2013-2018) Eighth 
Philip A. Wilheit, Sr.(2015-2022) Ninth 
Benjamin J. Tarbutton III(2013-2020) Tenth 
Neil L. Pruitt, Jr., Chair(2013-2017) Eleventh 
Lori Durden(2013-2020) Twelfth 
Sachin Shailendra(2014-2021) Thirteenth
Scott Smith(2013-2020)Fourteenth

Table 2.2 University System Office

Staff MemberTitle
Chancellor Hank M. HuckabyChancellor
Houston DavisExecutive Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer, Academic Affairs
Charles SutliveVice Chancellor, Communications & Government Affairs
Steve WrigleyExecutive Vice Chancellor of Administration
John Fuchko, IIIChief Audit Officer & Associate Vice Chancellor, Internal Audit & Compliance
Jim James, MPA, AIA, AUAVice Chancellor, Facilities
Shelley NickelVice Chancellor, Fiscal Affairs & Planning
Robert Laurine, Jr.Chief Information Officer
Mark LytleVice Chancellor for Economic Development
Robert AndersonVice Chancellor, Educational Access and Success
Joyce A. JonesVice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Marion FedrickVice Chancellor for Human Resources
Cecil StatonVice Chancellor, Extended Education
Teresa JoyceAssociate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs